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Natural Resources
Mining Services in the Exploration of Critical Elements and Hydrocarbons

Exceptional Services Tailored to Your Unique Goals

We provide comprehensive services in raw material exploration, including the identification and analysis critical resources.

Comprehensive Solutions
Customized Approach
Expert Guidance
Green field Exploration

Geological modeling and seismic interpretation


Geochemical modeling and geostatistical analysis

Brown field Exploration and Development

Basin analysis and development options to increase recoverable resources

Reservoir modeling

Reservoir calculations and development analysis

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Project Management

- Permitting

- Field survey

- Development and Operation

Reserve Calculations

- Hydrocarbon Reservoir analysis

- Calculation of Raw Material inventory

Geological Modeling

- Geo-models in RockWorks

- Drill core analysis

- Seismic interpretation in OpenDTect 


- Sampling 

- Geochemical and Geostatistical mapping

What we do

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