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Environmental Services
We Bring Extensive Expertise To The Table, Ensuring Top-notch Service And Results.

Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

Environmental services encompass a wide range of solutions to address sustainability challenges.

Comprehensive Solutions
Customized Approach
Expert Guidance
Environmental Consultancy

Expert guidance for sustainable and compliant project development.

Development and Operation of Monitoring Systems

Real-time cloud-based groundwater mapping and monitoring service

Environmental Remediation

Focus on the contamination of soil and groundwater to ensure a clean and safe environment.

AI supported hydrodynamic and contamination transport modeling

Flow and risk modeling using Geostatistics and AI

Partner With Us To Build a Resilient Business

Project Management

- Permitting

- Fact-finding investigation

- Monitoring

Contamintaion Modeling

- Hydrodynamic and Contamination Transport modeling

Geological Modeling

- Geo-models in RockWorks

- Risk Management and calculations


- Sampling and contamination analysis

- Real-time monitoring (EnviroTech RealTime)

What we do

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